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How much will these supplies cost me?


There is no cost to the patient, Medicare will cover 80% and supplemental insurance will cover the remaining 20%. You are responsible for the yearly deductible, if not already covered by the supplemental insurance.


What if I don't have supplemental insurance?

If you are experiencing financial hardship, we will provide you with a hardship form which states you are unable to afford the 20%.  After you return the form, we will waive the 20%.


How long will it take to receive my supplies?

We fax the prescription to your doctor and as soon as your doctor signs it and faxes it back we will send your supplies on the same day.  Shipping is through USPS and takes approximately 2 to 3 days.


How often can I get asthma and diabetic supplies?

Asthma medications are sent every month and diabetic supplies are sent every 3 months.


Is there a meter available where I don’t have to stick myself?

No, all meters need a small sample of blood and the only way to get the blood is through a stick.  You don’t have to stick your fingers anymore but you will have to stick either your arm or thigh. Anyone who tells you differently is simply lying to you.


Can my supplemental Insurance be a HMO?

Yes, we do accept a few HMO’s but most HMO’s want you to order supplies directly through them.


What if I want to return my supplies?

At Med-Care we want you to be completely satisfied with the products or medications that you order. However, we have certain return guidelines and policies that we must follow HERE.


How do I dispose of my unused medicines?

To properly dispose of unused medicines pleaser refer to the FDA instructions regarding proper methods of disposing unused medicines by clicking on the following link or by copying the link into your address bar:

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